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Periodic Remote
Security Audits

A security audit assesses the security of a network
at a specific point in time. Any time that a system change occurs or the network is reconfigured, security holes may be opened, and the network may become exposed. Even if no network changes have been made, your network can fall prey to an attack that exploits a newly discovered vulnerability.

For these reasons, periodic security audits conducted by CounterStrike are recommended as part of a robust security program.

A network security breach can result in a loss of information, money, and reputation to your company. New vulnerabilities continue to be discovered and attacks that capitalize on those weaknesses are being developed continually.

A detailed remote security audit performed by CounterStrike can help you to determine if your network has any exploitable weaknesses that put your data at risk.

Our remote security audit is a comprehensive analysis of the security of your Internet connection and your externally visible systems. Tests are run several times over the course of the analysis to ensure accuracy. If requested and authorized in writing, we will perform denial-of-service attacks.

When we complete the tests, the results are analyzed by one of our senior security consultants. Upon initial review, we issue a verbal report of our preliminary findings. The final deliverable is a comprehensive report that contains our analysis of the vulnerability assessments, our ranking of the risks found, and our detailed recommendations for fixing potential vulnerabilities.

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