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Secure Internet Printing

CounterStrike is a proven and trusted resource
for the best way to secure print jobs over the
Internet. The implementation methods depend on the software application you are using, the kind of output format you are printing (i.e., PostScript, HP PCL, PDF, HTML), and the target printer make and model.

A number of measures can be taken as an overall security administration plan with your internal network. However, to truly print 'point to point' securely with encryption, additional products are required.

What's the Need for Secure Internet Printing?

Companies go to great lengths to secure their databases, web sites, e-mail servers, and other application servers where critical and sensitive information resides. When you print, the target printer only accepts commands in the language of that printer. In other words, if you understand the language of the target printer, you can read its contents, as simply as you can read a postcard.

Encrypting print jobs at their source and decrypting them only in the target printer eliminates one of the weakest links in a typical corporation's security scheme. This ensures the privacy of confidential information such as checks, drafts, or other financial documents where immediate and direct financial losses can occur (as well as legal liability).

Advanced Print Encryption

CounterStrike uses the Rijndael encryption algorithm (128 bit) for laser printer security. The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) has selected Rijndael as the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The NIST is an agency of the United States Commerce Department's Technology Administration.

Transparent encryption capability can work with your Microsoft Windows software applications, including Citrix Terminal Services and HP LaserJet printers (the de facto office standard). This includes:

  • Simply click any program's Print button and your document is automatically encrypted and emailed
    to the secure Internet printing HP LaserJet printer without user intervention.
  • CounterStrike's new implementation allows you to enable access to remote printers even if they
    are located behind firewalls using email as the job transport.
  • Confidentiality and privacy is maintained with the new encrypted print job until the moment of printing
    to decrypt the printer-bound data, protecting documents throughout the entire transmission process.
  • Inexpensive ... $300.00 per printer.

In the absence of the decryption commands, the printer functions like any standard HP LaserJet printer -- providing maximum investment efficiency.

If you have a need for secure Internet printing, contact us.

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