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Technical Security

CounterStrike will investigate the most cost
effective approach to solve a technical security problem prior to recommending more costly technical security countermeasures (TSCM) detection efforts.

Comprehensive threat assessment will be made of all designated target areas and a plan will be developed to best implement the countermeasures operation.

During our comprehensive countermeasures investigations, our team of security professionals will electronically inspect your facilities for any clandestine devices such as concealed cameras, carrier current bugs,

radio transmitters, microphones, telephone line taps, or instrument modifications -- including computers. In addition to this technical "sweep", CounterStrike technicians will perform a security survey of your facility and make specific recommendations on how you may enhance the overall security of your premises.

A sample list of equipment and expertise includes:

  • Physical inspection - inspect the entire target area thoroughly
  • Computer equipment analysis - test and inspect computers and systems
  • Electronic telephone analyzers - test all target area telephones
  • Time domain reflectometers (TDR) - inspect the telephone lines inside and outside of the premises
  • Carrier current test equipment - inspect the electrical power lines and other wires for VLF bugs
  • Radio frequency (RF) spectrum analyzers - discover hidden RF transmitters (bugs)
  • Infrared sensitive devices (IRSDs) - locate and identify infra-red transmitting bugs
  • Non-linear junction detectors (NLJD) - find hidden devices buried in walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Portable X-ray equipment - detect an eavesdropping device within an enclosed wall or device

An initial verbal report of our findings will be given upon completion of the inspection. A complete and thorough written report will be submitted within five business days after the completion of the inspection. This report will be submitted only to you, the client. This report will include all of our findings, observations, and, in many cases, recommendations to enhance the security of your information and facility.

We schedule operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week to best accommodate the specific needs of your organization.

A complete line of reputable products, including those proprietary to CounterStrike, can be made available, which will integrate into your total security program.

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