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About Us

CounterStrike is a company that is made up of the
most experienced and well-respected professionals in
their area of expertise. CounterStrike professionals are people with backgrounds in many diverse areas including government, military, technology, intelligence and security.

CounterStrike delivers! It's as simple as that. In a world where many contractors deliver poor results and in many cases never even complete the job, CounterStrike always delivers 100% - completion and results. Most CounterStrike professionals have college degrees and some have obtained advanced degrees from
well-respected universities. Many have also obtained highly regarded private sector or government achievements.

Other CounterStrike professionals have learned their craft through years of hard work and on-the-job-learning. All our professionals are always striving to stay ahead of the learning curve and ever remain the very best their field has to offer.

They come from all walks of life, but what matters most to them is the happiness of you, the customer. They strive to do the job right the first time and when they are finished, the job is done right and completed to 100% satisfaction.

Here at CounterStrike we draw our line in the sand, distinguishing the difference between what is right and wrong. What we mean here is that we are particular about the customers we service and will not provide services to companies or individuals whom we suspect as being engaged in malicious or illegal activities.

Our goal is to assist honest companies and individuals who have a need for "countermeasures". Because of the nature of our business and the people involved in it, privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance and CounterStrike is here to provide for your needs while maintaining the utmost discretion and making your privacy our top concern.

Here at CounterStrike we have our finger on the pulse of security.

Our motto is:

In God We Trust - All Others We Test ®

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