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Infrastructure Hardening

CounterStrike's goal is to work with your staff to
uncover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. From
this, we create an actionable report that will empower your staff to mitigate risk by reducing attack vectors, remediating known vulnerabilities and segmenting critical assets from known threats. This service is indispensable for anyone responsible for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical business data.

  • Critical host hardening
  • Network configuration review adn hardening
  • Operations Review: an audit of the people, products and processes that comprise your security operations
  • Security monitoring review and gap analysis

CounterStrike has worked on dozens of large-scale integration projects involving ERP, Security Information Management, Vulnerability Management, Asset Inventory, and Systems Configuration Management product suites. Our team understands that although the customer may have only purchased one product, the desired goal is to work well with all previously purchased products in the customer's network.

As part of our services to our customer, our engineers will determine the business problem that the software has been purchased to help address, and quickly determine

success factors and acceptance criteria. From this target definition, we step backwards in the timeline to outline what steps are needed, and what inter-system cooperation is required, to get the job done. Many times, we willperform a lightweight network assessment to uncover unique customer deployment obstacles (such as specialized security policies, firewall rules, or network segmenting) that can affect the degree to which your product integrates with their legacy systems.

Given the wide array of commercial and open source security products constantly flooding the market, it can be almost impossible to identify the best fit and the best value for your organization. CounterStrike has the resources, methodology, and experience to conduct objective and extensive product testing in order to find the right solution for you. An in-depth report of our findings and a lightweight assessment of your network environment and operational needs can mean the difference between a great investment and just another piece of "shelfware."

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