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Corporate Security Problems

We provide due diligence for corporate hiring
including: federal, state, and local convictions; court
records; professional licenses; credit department problems; corporate searches; and much, much more. We can investigate external and internal theft problems and drug use and sales within a company.

Criminal / Civil Matters

Put our many years of criminal investigative experience in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and Southwestern United States, Mexico, Caribbean Island Nations, Belize, and other Central American and South American Countries to work for you with your criminal / civil investigations or problems. We are a part of an established, exclusive

network of former FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agents covering every square mile of the United States and most of the Free World.

Due Diligence

Through on-site investigation and / or proprietary database searches, we will compile a single, comprehensive report on an individual or company. We will identify the subject's name, aliases, current address, previous addresses, telephone number, social security number, drivers license number, date of birth, possible relatives, real property, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, corporations, UCC filings, motor vehicle information, aircraft, watercraft, and other important details.

General Investigations

We provide investigations supporting litigation in criminal and civil matters. We can identify real property assets and ownership information; OSHA records; business credit; telephone records; judgments; liens; bankruptcies; debtors; civil filings; corporate, limited partnership, and UCC searches; as well as track people across the United States.

People Finder

We can search names to uncover a person's most current address, telephone number, month and year of birth, names of other household members, dwelling type, and neighborhood demographics for all 50 states.

Labor Problems

We can investigate internal personnel problems of sabotage, theft, and strikes and perform background investigations into new and current employees.

White Collar Crime / Fraud

In support of civil and criminal litigation, we have many years of experience preparing for and testifying before grand juries and in the courtrooms of state and federal courts. We have access to proprietary databases for individual and business civil and criminal records, professional licenses, military records, UCC filings, motor vehicle numbers, telephone numbers, address information, and more.

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